1979 Old Spice Ad

1979_ad_for_old_spice_musk_2The thing I find most interesting about this ad from 1979 is that it is very similar to the advertisements we see today, specifically with deodorant products. Utilizing the need for attention and maybe even prominence, the ad sends the message that using Old Spice is all you need in order to get with a women. One difference that I noticed was that the product does not appear in the original image of the ad, but rather in a different picture that is placed at the bottom right of the ad, usually where we would find the company’s logo. I don’t think this takes away from the ad, the audiences eyes still exit with the image of the company’s product and name in their minds, and the man and woman framed in the center of the ad is enough to get our attention and see what the advertisement is promoting.


Controversial Nike Ad

In light of the Masters, I decided to look at golf related advertisements. I came across this controversial ad for Nike, with Tiger Woods centered and in large lettering, “Winning takes care of everything”. The ad is very simple and isn’t even promoting a specific Nike product. The advertisement frames Woods as he lines up for a put,  and the typical ‘reverse 6’ arrangement that ends in exiting the ad through the Nike logo at the bottom. The controversy of this ad begins with the appeal the ad uses. The advertisement associates Nike and Tiger Woods with success, but sends the message that the success can ‘take care’ of things such as being an adulterer. The controversy surrounding this ad gained Nike much attention, more than any regular ad would, was this a planned stunt by the company? Image

Adidas Ad

Tom Daley - Adidas Grooming Advertisement - Reflections - 21st century BoyI found this Adidas ad when searching Google images and thought it was very interesting and effective. The ad is probably from the UK and surfaced during the 2012 Olympic games. The ad uses an appeal to achieve by associating the products with Olympic diver Tom Daley. The ad frames Daley in a pose that suggests he’s about to perform a dive with the Union Jack behind him. I also noticed that the Adidas logo is shown in the ad 5 times, three of these logos are in the bottom right. The ad also appeals to the need of affiliation. Adidas wants the audience to feel that if they use their products they’re also supporting their country in the competitive Olympic games. The placement of the ad shows Daley angled in a way where the audience looks slightly up to see him, presenting him almost as a heroic figure.