Adidas Ad

Tom Daley - Adidas Grooming Advertisement - Reflections - 21st century BoyI found this Adidas ad when searching Google images and thought it was very interesting and effective. The ad is probably from the UK and surfaced during the 2012 Olympic games. The ad uses an appeal to achieve by associating the products with Olympic diver Tom Daley. The ad frames Daley in a pose that suggests he’s about to perform a dive with the Union Jack behind him. I also noticed that the Adidas logo is shown in the ad 5 times, three of these logos are in the bottom right. The ad also appeals to the need of affiliation. Adidas wants the audience to feel that if they use their products they’re also supporting their country in the competitive Olympic games. The placement of the ad shows Daley angled in a way where the audience looks slightly up to see him, presenting him almost as a heroic figure.


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