Barbasol Ad

This Barbasol ad (presumingly from the 40’s or 50’s) is very unique since it does not use many of the typical advertising techniques. To begin with, there are multiple body copies spaced out all over the ad explaining some sort of unique selling proposition with the product. The women in the ad are there to attract attention to these explanations, and since they seem to adore a man who uses Barbasol shaving cream, this ad targets the appeal ‘a need for prominence’. The ad frames the product, that is centered and enlarged to also attract attention. If there is any, the arrangement of the ad seems to start at the product, then down to the red circle that contains more USPs of the product. After seeing the red circle, the eyes may wander around to the women on the ad, circling around the product and exiting through the body copy above the man’s head. Imagea


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