New MTV Reality Series Stirs Controversy

ImageShortly after Jersey Shore’s final season, MTV aired what could be called a “redneck spin off” of the popular reality series. Buckwild, the new show on MTV, follows 9 teenagers from West Virginia. I’ve seen Buckwild a couple of times and although I understand it’s not exactly ‘reality’ I surprisingly found it to be quite entertaining. I can see why there is an uproar of criticism toward the show, especially from the people of West Virginia. The show exploits the stereotypes of West Virginians, or ‘rednecks’, to make the show as entertaining as possible. The stars of the show are usually shown with a beer in hand while smoking a cigarette, and of course their vehicle of choice is either a truck or four wheel ATV (both perfect for ‘mudding’). Even though Buckwild created a stir in West Virginia, it didn’t seem to acquire the national attention its predecessor, Jersey Shore, did. It is almost as if America has become narcotized to MTV’s controversial reality television shows, we seem to expect the network to ‘push the envelope’ with its newer shows.